5 Years; 5 Reasons to Still LOVE CrossFit

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Five years; Five reasons to still LOVE CrossFit

As of July 3, 2018, I had officially been participating in CrossFit for 5 years.  In those 5 years SO much has happened. With the help of MANY coaches, my body transformed.  I’ve also learned SO much, not only about exercise and working out, but about myself as well.

During that time, I’d run the gamut for sure.  In the beginning I was unsure, scared, lacking confidence, weak, not conditioned, and basically a mess.  Well, I guess some might say I’m still a mess, but a much more healthy/fit mess anyway! ☺

Why is it, though, that I still love CrossFit even after all this time? There are many reasons:

  1. Passion.  Like so many of you, I tried MANY fads and programs will little to no success.  Your experience may be similar to mine in that it seems no one really cares about your well-being, your health, or YOU. CrossFit coaches CARE and are patient; because of that I stayed to find out why they said I would love it. Their passion for fitness is unparalleled and infectious. When a person feels cared for, they’re drawn in and willing to make the personal investment. I did.
  2. Health.  The overall health benefits are unbelievable.  Like me, you may find that even if you do suffer from ailments, you recover quicker and feel better sooner.  Why? CrossFit isn’t just about the gym. It’s about lifestyle and functional fitness. It’s not only about moving and getting strong, but eating well and eating real and sleeping and taking care of the body we have been given.  It’s about balance. My medicine cabinet was FULL- so full, that I had to switch to a whole kitchen cabinet. Every new symptom got a new drug, but I never felt better. Once I began to move and eat REAL food, symptoms began to go away and I was able to eliminate the need for those prescription drugs.   I needed to “see” it to believe it! “They” were right.
  3. Fitness. Is it hard? It absolutely is, but coaches help appropriately scale to find the right progression so anyone can work at their own intensity. This is why CrossFit is for everyone! Before the age of 45 I did not run.  I did not lift a barbell. I did not “work” in a gym. I was content to “walk” on a treadmill and watch the evening news or whatever game show was on. I had NO endurance, strength, flexibility, cardio, agility, or stamina at all. As I learned and became more consistent, those things steadily improved and so did my skills. It never really gets easier, but it sure does get better.  I wouldn’t have ever believed it had I not experienced it firsthand. Many people are quite shocked to find out my age now and tell me I’m aging backwards. I’m stronger than ever and have more stamina than I did as a young woman.
  4. Community.  Truthfully, it’s more like family.  We trust our coaches and friends so much that we are willing to try new things and do the crazy things we do in the gym.  You may find that you meet some of your best and dearest friends through your adventures in CrossFit. We encourage each other and sometimes call each other out as family does!  There’s nothing like finishing a difficult workout, exhausted and high fiving your pals who also finished with you. It’s beautiful and special and no other regular gym I’d stepped foot in before could boast this.  People with a common desire make for a special bond.
  5. Confidence. Isn’t this something everyone wants? As you learn and get stronger and see how amazing the human body is, your confidence only grows.  I couldn’t ever understand this until I did it. This translates into all aspects of life for you as well. You gain confidence in work and are willing to tackle new projects.  I find myself eager to try things that before would have been completely out of my fitness as well as my comfort zone like obstacle course races, 5K races, and CrossFit competitions.  There’s something about being afraid and facing your fears that is so empowering and uplifting. You learn that you don’t have to hide from scary things. You can face them head on and overcome. This perhaps, is the greatest of all.  You can do anything you set your mind to.

Passion, Health, Fitness, Community,  and Confidence- These are the ingredients to gaining and maintaining a healthful lifestyle.  Going backwards is NOT an option even on the worst days. Who would want to turn back? The benefits are amazing and worth every second of work.  Walking in to the box can be a scary first step, but the results are worth facing that fear. Show up and keep up the hard work. Show yourself some love and soak in what CrossFit Diversion has to offer. Find your passion.  Maintain your health. Cultivate your fitness. Be a part of our community. BE CONFIDENT. You are worth it.

-Coach Tracy