At CrossFit Diversion we pride ourselves on providing our members with the BEST hour of their day. It is our aim, through fitness, to allow you to be better than yesterday in whatever way that means to you. Whether you are trying to become an elite competitor in this sport of fitness, empty your medicine cabinet, drop a few pounds, get stronger or even walk up your steps without being winded we are here for you. We look to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a sustainable, healthy way of life.

We are backed by a supportive community that truly cares about you achieving your goals. It is not uncommon to have the last person in a workout receive the loudest cheers. It is a special sight to see everyone rally around each other every workout of every day. You will discover that your gym friends become your real friends. People with different backgrounds and experiences become united through this sport of fitness and our supportive group of teammates.

Whether you were an elite athlete or have never jumped both feet on a box before, we hope to help you achieve your goals and ideas of becoming a better you. As a member of CrossFit Diversion you are a part of our team. We are only as great as the sum of our parts and as such, we strive to provide a unique experience that will make you better day by day.


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