Coaches Spotlight #1

By June 28, 2018 December 17th, 2018 No Comments
This week’s Diversion spotlight is on three integral members of our staff here at CrossFit Diversion. A good staff is the glue that holds any #Team together, and we couldn’t be more proud to showcase their talents.
Coach Aaron is a head coach and our gym manager here at Diversion. His athletic performance and educational background, coupled with his high energy coaching style, make him a coach who demands and obtains the best from all of the clients that walk through Diversion’s doors.
Coach Dawn is another of our head coaches here and also co-leads our Diversion Littles program. Dawn is looked up to immensely by all of our members not only as an amazing athlete, but as an incredible coach. Her infectious personality has helped Diversion grow quickly and efficiently, and stay on track.
Coach Tracy is one of our founding members/coaches, leader of our Fundamentals program and co-leader of our Diversion Littles program as well. Tracy’s amazing transformation story is one you will not want to miss. Her nurturing style of coaching is paramount to our Fundamental program’s success.
Aaron, Dawn and Tracy are just a small sample of the incredible staff here at CrossFit Diversion. If you are interested in hearing more from or meeting any of our staff, come in for a FREE workout to see what Diversion is all about!