Coaches Spotlight #2

By July 26, 2018 December 17th, 2018 No Comments
This week’s Diversion spotlight is on three more amazing members of our staff here at CrossFit Diversion. A good staff is the glue that holds any #Team together, and we couldn’t be more proud to showcase their talents.
Coach Joe has over 10 years experience in the CrossFit world including competing at the Regionals level, training with some of the best coaches in the world and holding a handful of specialty certifications. A lifelong athlete, Joe has taken his love for competition and team building and helped to parlay that into Diversion today. As one of our Founders, he can be seen at the box every day with the team trying to make sure everyone has an awesome experience when they walk through these doors.
Coach Karim is one of our Founders here at Diversion and brings with him a wealth of knowledge to help our athletes succeed. Holding CF certifications in aerobic capacity, gymnastics, and weightlifting shows Karim’s dedication to his craft. He is also our staff’s Level 2 certified coach. Karim can always be found at the box with a smile on his face ready to help steer you down the path to health and wellness.
Coach Pat is our resident Strong Man. Pat is a coach who will get the most out of you and understands the value and benefits of scaling to all ability levels. He is excellent with those beginner athletes. As a former college football player, Pat understands the benefits of coaching in a group atmosphere and how to touch each athlete individually to get the most out of their hour here.
If you are interested in hearing more from or meeting any of our staff, come in for a FREE workout to see what Diversion is all about!