The CrossFit Open

What the heck is it and why should I do it?

By: Tracy Colligan

I don’t want to make this a testimonial, but I will share a tiny bit. My first winter as a “CrossFitter,” (and I use that term loosely) I remember going on Saturday mornings watching amazing athletes participate in this interesting event while I did my scaled WOD in my corner. I was curious, but afraid. The next year, my brother convinced me to sign up. That was 2015, the first year a scaled division was introduced.


However, it was a turning point for me, so here’s why you SHOULD participate.

What the heck is it? 

Many of us might be new to CrossFit and not understand. Very simply, it is a worldwide CrossFit competition. The athletes that eventually go to the CrossFit Games over the summer qualify in their own boxes around the world by region. We get to participate in that. How cool?

OK. Still. What is The Open?

For 5 weeks at the end of winter, every single CrossFitter who signs up around the world does the very same workout. You know how we like to “suffer” together during a terrible WOD? You’ll be suffering with people all over the globe. There are many different divisions. There’s a scaled division, various Master’s divisions, teen divisions, etc. The WODs are announced on Thursday night, and you have until the following Monday at 5:30 PM OUR TIME to submit your score. The WODs are challenging, even the scaled, but that’s OK!

Why should YOU participate?

The overwhelming sense of community

We already have an awesome community, but hanging together every Saturday for 5 weeks really brings us together. You get to meet and socialize with folks that you might not normally see during your regular classes.

Everyone does the same exact workout within their division

Sometimes during regular classes we stay comfortable. We have the ability to scale as we see fit, right? We scale weight; reps; distance; movements, etc. It’s easy to sandbag, but in the OPEN you give the WOD a try AS PRESCRIBED. Because you are judged by fellow athletes, there’s a strong sense of accountability. It is scary, yes, but you are worth giving it a shot!

You expose your strengths

Because you do the WOD as prescribed within your division, you most likely will surprise yourself and discover you CAN do something you would never have even tried before.  You might just surprise yourself!

You expose your weaknesses

Why is this a good thing? It helps you set goals. You may not know your goals, and you could possibly discover something on which you’d like to improve. The OPEN helps us step outside our own little bubble and comfort zone. Have you gotten a little bit too comfortable lately? Shake it up!

CrossFit is data driven

Because everyone who signs up around the world is doing the same workout within their division, you get to record your scores on and see how you compare to other people around the world.  You can see your age group, division, etc. You can compare your score globally, regionally, and within the box. PLUS, the workouts are often repeated at other points during the year in the box, so once you discover your strengths and weaknesses and continue to improve, you can see your progress! 

You get to be a judge!

By signing up and participating, you get to be a judge! YOU get to count and judge for other people. I find this incredibly valuable. Often in a WOD during regular class we don’t notice anyone else because we are so focused on our own WOD. This gives you a chance to personally encourage another athlete.

How do I sign up?

It is very simple!! Go to and make an account. I look forward to seeing your name on our Affiliate! Make sure you pick CrossFit Diversion.

DO IT. It very well may be a turning point for you too!

-Coach Tracy