Why The Rookie Rumble Is For You

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“Why the Rookie Rumble is for You.”
By: Coach Dawn

You might have spent days, if not weeks, contemplating on whether or not to sign up. You’ve talked about it to friends, family and fellow athletes. Is the Rookie Rumble for you?

Well let me tell you something. The answer is yes. Simply, yes.

You sign up. For the next few weeks, you plan and prepare. You review the workouts, the movements and come up with a game plan. You understand there’s a movement in workout number 2 that you struggle with. Since you’ve started your CrossFit career quite a few months ago, you’ve avoided this movement every time it came up in regular programming.

Cherry pick NO MORE!

It’s time to face the music. For the next few weeks, you come to class a little early. You stay a little late. You practice this movement over and over and although frustrating, you’ve committed to something and you are ready to follow through. You look up efficiency videos, you pick your coaches brains. How can I become more efficient? Move better? Move quicker?

How can I better play the game that is CrossFit?

With practice, you become better. You build confidence, hone in on current skills and begin developing new ones.

Now you dive deeper into your Rookie Rumble game plan. The second workout is a numbers game. A chipper ladder. You know from previous classes your coach had always said not to go too hard out of the gate, to pace yourself and to stay nice and consistent. You’re most nervous about this one, but you have worked on the skill you struggled with previously and are fairly confident you’ll be able to chip away and get to the next movement in a reasonable amount of time. You got this.

Fast forward to April 6th.

The day has come. And you’re nervous… but ready. You got this. You walk into the gym. It’s clean, it looks the way it always does… just different. Areas are set up for athletes. Barbells are laid out with plates and clips. You sign yourself in at the check in table. There’s a little chatter going on among athletes but overall pretty quiet.

And then you hear it.

Coach gets on the mic. The athlete briefing has begun. Workouts and movement standards are gone over. Time to start.

You’re in the first heat, you search for a familiar face. Your judge approaches you with a smile. “You got this,” they say. “Do you have any questions before you begin?” You ask a question that gets clearly answered, you feel ready.

3…2…1… GO!

You’re in! Workout 1 is under way. You approach it exactly as you had practiced, but you’re feeling the pressure. And then it happens. You fumble the collar clip and you feel like all is lost, except it isn’t! Your judge assures you that you have plenty of time. Slow down. Gather yourself. You. Got. This.

You hear friends cheering. They’re encouraging you to make the lift. “GOOD REP!” Your judge calls. You smile, place the bar down. Plenty of time left but you’re nervous. The next jump will be the heaviest you’ve ever lifted. But you take your time. You take a deep breath and things go quiet. This is it. And you go for it. “GOOD REP!” Your judge yells. Your friends and family cheer. They are so proud of you. And you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself. And that wraps up workout number one.

Workout 2. You’ve practiced this one. You’ve spent the time and worked on the skill. You know exactly what to expect. You. Got. This. You pace it. Steady out of the gate. You tackle the first movement. Then the next. Then the next. You move through the struggle movement fairly easily with only one no rep, which you’re pleased about because only a few weeks ago you couldn’t perform the movement for reps at all.

Workout 3. You’re in the zone now. This is the home stretch and you’re no longer nervous. You’re actually having FUN! You cheer your friends on and they give you a thumbs up. 3…2…1…GO!

And just like that, it’s over. You’ve finished your first competition. Congratulations! Now what did we learn?

We learned that it’s okay to not be perfect at EVERY movement. The beauty of CrossFit is that we are always growing and evolving and perfecting our skill. What’s important is that you recognized your weakness and worked on it to improve- but don’t let that drive end after the competition. Work on a skill every day, spend a few minutes before or after class. Perfect YOUR practice.

We learned that mistakes happen. We might fumble a clip or fail a rep. And that’s okay. What’s important is that we stay with it. It’s far easier to give up then it is to jump back in the game. You are stronger than your mistakes. They will happen and how you respond to them is everything. Learn from them, grow from them.

We learned that how you move in class will most likely determine how you move during more competitive events. Take time, perfect your practice. Slow down and scale back if you need to. There’s this amazing little thing called muscle memory, it’s defined as: “a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition.”

Simply, your mind and your body work together to remember the way you’re moving so that the movement can be repeated in the future. Move well. Move with purpose. Our goal as coaches is to have athletes move well and move safely. So if your coach asks you to scale the weight, the movement, the reps. Listen to them. You’ll thank them later.

We learned that we are part of such an amazing group of individuals from all walks of life. We cheer for you. We want you to succeed. Your success is our success and as a community of likeminded athletes, we love celebrating your victories with you. We are all ON YOUR TEAM. Even when we’re “not.”

We learned that friendly competition can be fun! It kick started your drive to do better, to be better. You worked on movements you otherwise wouldn’t have. You lifted more weight than you ever thought you were capable of. And why? Because you were pushed outside of your comfort zone. You have no idea what you’re made of until you venture outside of your own familiar world.

This is why the Rookie Rumble is for you. Sign up, push yourself, have a good time. You’ll be thankful that you did.
You. Got. This.